Posting semi-naked photographs of a sleeping girl you just slept with onto Twitter. This is just the latest social networking craze to hit the net and is already causing controversy, thanks to the eager response of some particularly shameless fans of a controversial reality TV show.

The plan, which trended as #bedofshame, was the brainchild of Geordie Shore reality TV star Gaz Beadle.

It all began when he tweeted the following question to his 500,000 Followers…

How many people r doing the walk of shame hahahaha #wakeupwitharandom #awkwardtaxihome.

Within minutes he was inundated with responses from his legions of fans, many of whom called him “a hero”.

His followers then began uploading snaps of their latest “conquests” lying semi-naked in bed, utterly oblivious to what was going on. Twitter feeds across the country were awash with these disturbing images by the end of the weekend before last, as Gaz and his followers retweeted the posted images.

To add insult to injury, many of the photos were captioned with less than flattering tags like “Woke up next to some sl*g” and #boshhh” as shameless men sought Gaz’s approval, many of them posing with thumbs up as the girls lay asleep beside them.

In response, Gaz then Tweeted:

“Loved #BedOfShame #awkwardsundays. Defo doing it again next week yer?”

The stunt has already quite understandably drawn disdain from many Twitter users, with an outraged response to the trend and Gaz’s apparent enjoyment of openly ridiculing the victims of the photographs.

@IBlameMatthew Tweeted:

This #bedofshame is so immature it’s unreal. Isn’t Gaz ment to be like 23 or something? #getagrip

@Hassy80 however remarked:

It’s only a bit of harmless fun…Most are taking on holiday where people don’t really care anyway…#lightenup #bedofshame

Gaz has appeared in all three seasons of MTV’s Geordie Shore. He is quoted as saying on the show:

“I should have a degree in pulling women.”

The show, which has already attracted as much negative publicity in the past as it has delighted fans, is back on telly on MTV on Tuesday nights at 10pm.

What do you think of this latest craze? Is it immoral, or a bit of fun? Post your comments below.

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This article was first posted on July 6, 2012