Gotham: 10 Things We Learned From The New Trailer

Jim Gordon's adventures are certainly shaping up to be eventful...

Cast your minds back to outstanding Arrow Season 2 and the beginnings of forensic scientist Barry Allen€™s transformation into The Flash, ready for a new series of his own. You could be forgiven for thinking DC comics might take a well-earned breather for a while before trying to think up the next popular comic character they could bring to the big or small screen. But you€™d be wrong! Gary Oldman€™s Commissioner James Gordon in the Dark Knight trilogy gave us a honourable character, well received with audiences, so much so that a bright spark at DC quickly recognised there was mileage in his story. Going back to early Gotham pre-Batman era gives DC the opportunity to explore (perhaps not totally accurately for die-hards) the role Gordon played in Bruce Wayne€™s formative years. Ben McKenzie (The O.C., Southland) stars as young Detective James Gordon. Paired with veteran cop Harvey Bullock, their first case is the high profile murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne. Some fans are critical of a €˜Batman show without Batman€™ with concerns about the tinkering of mythology and character origins, but let€™s be honest, DC has done it plenty of times before (the moustache is going to be really hard to let go). This, however, is the perfect opportunity for Batman€™s €˜Rogues Gallery€™ and his supporting cast to get their stories told. On Monday, Fox officially commissioned the first 13 episodes of €˜Gotham€™ and its extended trailer of the pilot looks damn good. Watch the trailer below and continue reading to see the biggest talking points.

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