Gotham Season 2: 10 Reasons To Be Excited

What to expect from season two of everyone's favourite Batman show that doesn't feature Batman.

Gotham Season 1 was most certainly for the fans. For sure, the Batman prequel never failed to appease to those who have knowledge of the source material; it's full of cameos, hints and nods towards the decades of continuity and Batman-related tales. And therein lies the rub. Gotham looks great, but it€™s a show about the origins of established characters and this apparent limitation led the creators to make the first season a little too formulaic and procedural. Just like your high-school English teacher would say to your mum about you, Gotham has a lot of potential and it looks like that potential will be met in Season 2. In the wake of the first episode (Damned If You Do) , Gotham appears to be rectifying some of the mishaps of Season 1 to become not just the show we need, but the show we want. Here are some of the juicier morsels of info that you must know before journeying back to a city that can only be described as Taxi Driver at night. SPOILERS lurk within.

10. The Plot

Season 2 takes place four months after the events of last season€™s finale. Jim Gordon is now a traffic cop with a lot on his mind, following everything that took place in the GCPD, and will be continuing on his journey to becoming a (hopefully) mustache-sporting, grizzled veteran and BFF to Batman. Cobblepot, still compensating for his receding hairline with that hilarious fringe, is firmly entrenched as the unofficial King of Gotham, although He€™ll find some competition in the form of two newcomers with bad intentions, Theo and Tabitha Galavan (James Frain and Jessica Lucas). The oily Theo and BDSM activist Tabitha form a cabal of criminals dubbed €˜the Maniax€™, a who€™s who of escaped Arkham inmates set to force a reign of terror upon Gotham with their mid-nineties Image Comics name. This book-club of bad guys happens to feature freshly incarcerated Barbara Kean and mother killer Gerome (Cameron Monaghan), the character from the first season who is certainly, definitely not the Joker. While these events take place, Bruce will move forward on the path to becoming Batman so that others won€™t have to. You know what I mean.
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