Gotham Season 5: Predicting The Fate Of Every Character

Who will survive when the Dark Knight rises?


In a sea of superhero shows from both DC and Marvel, Gotham is able to stand out more than most without even having any superheroes in it.

As each season has progressed the show has built an incredibly deep city full to the brim with complex characters and enthralling villains.

The show has utilised the vast rogues gallery of Batman to create unique takes on some of the most iconic villains of all time. From Robin Lord Taylor's Penguin to Anthony Carrigan's Victor Zsasz, every character feels entirely unique yet familiar to the classic characters seen in DC's comics, and as the show approaches its fifth and final season, the stakes are higher than ever.

Given that the show will end with a significant time jump in its finale, we will likely see the fates of almost every major character resolved for good. While there are some obvious survivors and some seemingly doomed to fail, there are many whose fates are up in the air.

Some will live, others will die, and a select few will assume the identities of some of DC's most famous - and infamous - characters.


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