Gotham's Series Finale Takes Place 10 YEARS In Future

Harley Quinn is coming, but could Batman as well?

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Since arriving on airwaves in 2014, Gotham has fostered something of a polarising reputation among Batman fans. Lauded by some for its scatter-gun approach to adapting the character's source-material, and yet reviled by others for that very same reason, Gotham always seemed to fall just short of reaching its full potential.

Regardless, Gotham Season 5 is shaping up to be the show's wildest yet. Inspired by No Man's Land, an arc from the comics that saw Gotham City cut off from the U.S. and carved up between rival gangs, the series is clearly looking to go out on a bang - something its producers were keen to reiterate at the recently wrapped-up New York Comic Con, which unveiled a brand new trailer for the fifth season.

But while the scope of Season 5 is perhaps best conveyed by the closing shot of the trailer, which sees Ben McKenzie's Jim Gordon, Donal Logue's Harvey Bullock, and the rest of the G.C.P.D. engaged in a hectic shootout with unknown assailants, the announcement that the series' final episode will boast a 10-year time jump is sure to get Bat-fans interested, with the prospect of the Dark Knight appearing now a genuine possibility.

Although showrunner John Stephens stopped just short of confirming that Batman will indeed appear, it seems like a certainty at this point. Stephens also suggested that none other than Harley Quinn herself will appear in the season, stating that "a somewhat deranged girlfriend, who dresses in a multi-colored fashion" will partner with Cameron Monaghan's Jeremiah at some point.

It's certainly looking as though it'll be packing a lot in before leaving for good, but at least Gotham will be able to deliver on its promise of seeing Bruce Wayne become Batman - even if it made for a somewhat protracted saga in the end.

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