House Of Cards Season 4 Teaser Breaks New Ground

Underwood 2016!

2016 is an election year, and the presidential campaign is well underway. No, not for Clinton or Trump, but Underwood 2016 (which is actually a much saner proposition than Donald Trump). The marketing for House of Cards Season 4 has very much focused on keeping Frank Underwood in the White House, and this latest teaser (which is titled Dig, and you can watch below) is no different. It shows Frank and his returning Chief of Staff Doug Stamper breaking new ground, the first dig at what appears to be some sort of construction site, with various members of the press and Underwood 2016 supporters gathered in front of them. While the clear message is that Frank is trying to win support to keep himself in the position he worked so hard to get, the imagery also very much evokes memories of Doug burying the body of Rachel Posner. Perhaps a few more bodies are going to get buried - both literally and figuratively - during Season 4. It certainly seems as though Frank's putting on a brave face, after Season 3 ended with his wife and co-conspirator announcing her decision to leave him. After a slightly underwhelming third season - not helped by the Underwoods achieving power, when part of the appeal had been the lengths they were going to in order to get it - the prospect of Frank v Claire during Season 4 (not to mention his attempts to cling onto power) is an extremely tantalising one. House of Cards will return for its 4th season on Friday 4 March, with all the episodes being dropped into Netflix for you to binge-watch at your own pace (likely meaning that same weekend).
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