House Of Cards Season 6 Review: 2 Ups & 6 Downs

A trainwreck finale for Netflix's political drama.

House Of Cards Season 6 Robin Wright

House of Cards' sixth and final season is now available to stream on Netflix, arriving almost exactly a year after production was initially shut down following the sexual assault allegations levelled against star Kevin Spacey.

With Spacey written out and Robin Wright stepping up to become the new lead for these final eight episodes, there was certainly potential for season six to be an empowering feminist rallying cry in the era of #MeToo.

Ultimately, however, it's still a show very much defined by the presence - or rather, the absence - of its star for five seasons, which is sure to prove divisive among fans.

What's clear is that this is neither a graceful nor a dignified end for the streaming giant's hit political drama, lumbering to an over-baked, often laughable conclusion that might even have you wondering just how great the show really was in the first place (and it was really great, believe it).

Despite a committed central performance at its core, House of Cards delivers one of the most outlandishly terrible final seasons of any acclaimed prestige TV series in recent memory...


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