How I Met Your Mother Quiz: Barney Stinson - Who Said It To Him?

You'd have to be legendary to get 100% on this quotes quiz!


Across the world of sitcoms there are many that boast good characters, some even great but when it comes to iconic characters Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother has to be considered in the upper echelon. He deserves to be remembered in the sitcom hall of fame for his loud showman personality and his devious mind.

What tends to go hand in hand with a loud and opinionated personality is usually a pig-headed stubbornness. With Barney that is more of a borderline delusion into how he thinks the world works. He may not be right often in that respect but it leads to some hilarious and very memorable quotes from the suited womanizer.

We are all aware of many of the things that have come out of Barney's mouth, but often equally as entertaining are the things other people have said to him. Have you paid much attention to the responses and ridicule the others have fired his way?

See if you can tell who said it to him!

Answers at the end!

1. What Happened To That, Uh, Cutlet You Were Grinding With?


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