How I Met Your Mother Quiz: Lily Aldrin - Finish These Quotes

Do you know Lily as well as Marshall does?


Lily and Marshall were always destined to be together. Even throughout their short-lived break, Lily was always Marshall's physical and metaphorical anchor. The stable relationship between the pair has created a bond which no other two characters on How I Met Your Mother managed to achieve, not even the couple the entire show is centred around.

Although she may not be the first character fans think of in connection to How I Met Your Mother's roaring success, Lily's input should not be underestimated in regards to the show's organic growth and development.

She may act like a child when she doesn’t get her way, and have some serious parental issues, but Lily is filled with more wise words than pretty much all of the cast combined. Sometimes philosophical, sometimes simply just straight talking, the whole gang gravitated towards her to open up - even the emotionally inept Barney turned to Lily from time to time.

How well do you know Lily Aldrin? Do you really know the mother hen of the group?

Answers at the end!

1. "I Don't Need Objectivity, You're My Best Friend, I Just Need..."


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