In The Flesh - Episode 2 Review

in the flesh episode 2

rating: 4

In The Flesh's gripping story continues this week as Kieren continues to adapt to the post warzone world created by the mass zombie uprising. As the prejudice and attacks continue, he struggles to find his place in a new world. That is when he comes across Amy, a fellow PDS human, and together they strike a bond and a connection. Meanwhile, Bill Macy has to deal with the return of his son Rick, who he himself is PDS, which clashes with his beliefs as well as various beliefs of the neighbourhood. Two interesting arcs take a new turn in this episode. The first is the continuation of Kieren's story. Him & Amy have quite an interesting relationship. Amy is the type of character that's very in your face, as well as bold and not afraid of the world around her despite what she is. In many ways, she is key to Kieren's confidence boost to face the outside world and challenge the existing prejudice's existing in the town. Both Luke Newberry & Emily Bevan give great performances and really fit into their characters with ease. The fact that they are bold, but still vulnerable in a scared battered society is realistic and makes the characters much more three dimensional and interesting to observe. But in this episode, Steve Evets shines very brightly in this episode. His prejudice's and controversial beliefs to the PSD people are challenged when his son returns as one of them. He tries to hide this and spread the notion that he is normal and not too severe, but as the story goes on, he realises that his own beliefs and that of his son's are about to clash, and clash hard. Props also goes to David Walmsley who plays Rick: A character with trauma inside, but disguises it enough to hide it from his friends and family. He returns home, hoping to fit in and get back to normal. But by the end of the episode, he knows that he will never return to normality. That what he has witnessed and been through himself has changed him completely. This episode continues the strong drama and story that the last episode kicked off beautifully. The visual style is gorgeous, as it the atmosphere and mood of the drama. The performances continue to stand out and bring us some flesh new British talent, all to watch for in the future.

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