Is The Avengers' Maria Hill Coming To Shield TV Show?

Maria Hill

Shooting is currently underway for the pilot of Marvel's new TV show, S.H.I.E.L.D. Based on the Government agency last seen in The Avengers, it would continue the events depicted in the film and also see the return of fan favourtie character, Agent Phil Coulson, who seemingly died in last year's big screen movie.

But could we also see the return of another S.H.I.E.L.D agent?

"Everyone seems very curious about the S.H.I.E.L.D. show. Joss (Whedon) knows how to keep things under wraps, that's what he's good at," Cobie Smulders said when asked what she knows so far about the plan for the series in a recent interview with MTV.

"It's happening, they're shooting right now and there's been discussions about Maria Hill being involved, that's all I can say. It's not ruled out, but you know you're going to have to tune in," she said, also adding that she doesn't foresee any scheduling conflicts with her shooting schedule on 'How I Met Your Mother'.

Now that she is part of Whedon's universe, she was asked whether she knows of anything he is wrtiting for her. "I call him, not to try to get work just to be my friend and go drinking with me," she said. "It is, I know what you're saying, you're so lucky to be in his Rolodex, to be one of his players because he writes such good stuff. I know how honored I am to be one of the few. I'd work with him always. I'd like him to do everything I do."

Smulders next official Marvel appearance is in Captain America: The Winter Soldier but she doesn't seem sure how much she is in it, either that or she isn't allowed to say. "I'm going to be in it but I don't know how much or what," she said. "I know I'm involved. It's one of those things they call you and say, 'You're going to do it,' and you're like, 'Yaaaay!'"


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