It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Season 12: 10 Funniest Moments

What's a season of Sunny without a number of (slightly uncomfortable) laughs?


It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia has been called a number of things over its decade plus run. Crass, crude, vulgar, foul and mercilessly cynical all come to mind. However, despite this, the one word that reigns above them all is "funny." And rightly so, as this sitcom has given us some utterly gut-busting moments of the years.

Its twelfth season, which wrapped up just a few short weeks ago, was certainly no exception to this. And while the comedy may have been a bit lacking at times, there are certainly some outrageously hilarious moments that were more than satisfactory.

Not every single joke this season quite landed, but the ones that did not only hit the mark, but knocked it into oblivion with the power of sheer personality, comedic timing, and outrageous brilliance.

These moments are funny, well thought out, and, at times, make you question the stability of your own moral compass for laughing at them. However, they make us laugh nonetheless.

10. Frank's Past Comes Back To Haunt Him


We start off smack in the middle of the season with its fifth episode, Making Dennis Reynolds A Murderer. In this episode, Frank (as well as the rest of the gang) is interviewed about murder allegations that are being held against Dennis. Frank attempts to sell out his son at every turn, painting him as a depraved psychopath, only to have it blow up in his face. The result of this makes for some good fun.

While trying to record Dennis confessing to the crime over the phone so he can get the credit for bringing him in, Dennis knows something is up and begins to blurt out Frank's own criminal history. Specifically: his previous ownership of a sweatshop in Vietnam.

He then attempts to flee, not realizing he left his microphone on. Some comedic fun ensues as we see just how hilariously unprincipled he is. We hear him hailing a cab, blatantly admit to the crime again, then ask the driver to turn around learning about the statute of limitations, all so he can go back to the station and enjoy the free catering.

Frank Reynolds is the worst kind of person, Danny DeVito's wonderfully crass delivery is on point as always, and as a result; this scene is brilliant.


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