Jessica Jones: 10 Reasons Why Marvel's Films Simply Can't Compete

What is it about Netflix that makes Marvel so much better?

When Iron Man first hit cinema screens in 2008, no one at the time would've even had the slightest inkling that Marvel Studios would grow to be the cinematic titan it is today. Having spawned dozens of sequels, spin-offs and more, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has arguably become the most significant and bankable film franchise in recent memory. This doesn't come without its pitfalls however, and you don't have to look far to see Marvel's detractors make their thoughts known. Among the most common of criticisms levelled at the franchise has been its uniform approach to story telling, with many viewers begrudgingly making their way to new releases often at the expense of forced humour, undeveloped antagonists, and iffy CGI. These critiques haven't gone away either, and have actually increased with each successful Marvel outing (even if there are exceptions - Winter Soldier to name but one). Quite the anomaly then, is the franchise's Netflix presence. Kicking off earlier in the year with the universally acclaimed Daredevil, shows on the streaming service have pushed the boundaries of the universe's normal constraints, tackling mature themes and depicting unconstrained brutality in a way the films simply couldn't dare venture - lest they sacrifice the much-coveted PG13 rating. The same is true of Netflix's latest addition to the MCU, Jessica Jones, which is also dealing with themes left unapproached by not just Marvel's wider slate of media, but by comic book adaptations as a whole as well. It isn't just the gritty approach to story-telling that differentiates the shows from the films however, but the strength of writing overall. Yes, the darker avenue grants show-runners a huge creative licence to adapt Marvel's characters more faithfully, but when line delivery doesn't just hinge on how many laughs it will get from the audience, better character development and emotive climaxes are a distinct and very much intended consequence. Indeed, as Marvelites world-over make their way to their couch of choice to binge-watch yet another costume-clad series, Jessica Jones is already demonstrating that Marvel's blockbusters simply can't compete.

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