Jessica Jones Searches For Answers In New Season 2 Trailer

And she'll get them on March 8.

Jessica Jones Trailer

It's been a big afternoon for Marvel trailers: coming hot on the heels of Deadpool 2's Cable-centric tease is a new look at Jessica Jones Season 2, which puts the hard-hitting, even harder-drinking P.I. back on the hunt for answers.

It's been far too long since the first season of Jessica Jones, which not only introduced us to its titular (reluctant) hero and her arch-nemesis Kilgrave (David Tennant), but took the burgeoning Netflix Marvel Universe to dark new heights that it's never managed to top since. Thankfully, after a two-and-a-half-year absence, the wait is almost over, and this new trailer gives us a good look at what we can expect when the show returns.

The onus is very much on what happened to Jessica as a child and how she got her superpowers, which is connected to the mysterious IGH teased in the first season. There's plenty of action and, as you'd expect from Krysten Ritter's hero, a lot of eye-rolling and wise-cracking. The applause at the end is a great little hint, but it's also a commentary on the trailer itself. Jessica Jones might just be the hero we really do need right now.

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