Jessica Jones Season 2: 14 Things You Missed

Trish is basically Hellcat already.

Jessica Jones Trish Hellcat
Netflix & Marvel Comics

Jessica Jones' second season has been available on Netflix for a few days now, so you've most likely had time to binge your way through Jessica's first post-Kilgrave adventure, and if not, why not (just kidding)?

It may not have met the visceral, psychological highs of her first go-around, but there was still plenty to enjoy in Jessica's second season, especially if you kept your eyes and ears peeled for every last morsel of sneaky info being thrown at the viewer.

From amusing treats for the hardcore comic book crowd to subtle links to the wider Marvel Cinematic Universe, some cheeky visual nods, neat callbacks to the previous season and everything in-between, these 14 moments were easily missed if you glanced at your phone for even a second (which, let's be honest, everyone's guilty of doing).

If you did spot any of them, give yourself a well-earned pat on the back, and for any you missed, why not revisit the episodes in question and check them out for yourself?


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