Jessica Jones Season 2 Review: 10 Spoiler-Free Reactions To First Five Episodes

10. It Feels Very Timely

Jessica Jones Trish Walker

As mentioned, Jessica Jones Season 2 arrives amidst a very interesting time socio-politically, and given the nature of the hero it'd be strange if it didn't address some of those issues.

Season 1 dealt with sexual abuse anyway, but it's even more overt in the second season. The show is still exploring the impact of Kilgrave's actions upon Jessica, and in turn we see how she reacts to similar instances of abuse and harassment, and the anger and hurt that comes with it. The series presents this from different perspectives and in different ways, meaning there's a meaningful voice added to the important real-life conversations going on currently.

In a similar sort of vein, there's also an angle centred around news reporting, where we hear things like "alternative facts" thrown up. The news and wider public are both conflicted over the presence of so-called powered people like Jessica; they’re shunned, feared, and targeted by reports and police.

While the Netflix Marvel shows largely exist in their own universe, the way it tackles real issues and timely topics makes it feel wholly relevant and gives the show more weight.

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