JJ Abrams' TV pilot ALCATRAZ expands its cast

JJ Abrams' latest TV pilot, Alcatraz, is now deep into the casting phase. We already know that Jorge Garcia (Lost) has joined the show as an expert on the notorious San Francisco prison, but now it's been revealed that Sarah Jones (Sons Of Anarchy), Jonny Coyne (Undercovers) and Jason Butler Harner (Changeling) are onboard. Coyne and Harner will be playing members of an FBI team assigned to locate a gang of criminals who vanished from Alcatraz 50 years ago, but have appeared in the present-day, having apparently travelled through time. Jones will be playing the female lead, Rebecca Madsen, a "smart, thoughtful... obsessive police officer." Filming on Alcatraz begins in January. Fox will make a decision on whether or not this sci-fi mystery pilot will become a series later in the year, but it's very likely given JJ Abrams' track record. It's possible Alcatraz might even replace Fringe on Fox's schedule, if that show continues to underperform in the new year, after it transfers to Friday nights.
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