Judge Dredd: Mega-City One - 10 Things We Want To See

How justice should be served on TV.


Dredd 2 didn't end up happening, but that's okay because justice will instead be served in the form of a TV show. Judge Dredd: Mega-City One aims to fill the sequel shaped-hole in the lives of 2000 AD fans, and in some respects, it has a better chance of doing that than another movie would have.

One of the biggest problems the sequel would have faced is deciding which story to tell. So many captivating tales have come out of the post-apocalyptic lawman's world, so which one do you adapt, which characters should be sidelined, and what locations should be left unexplored?

None of these issues apply to the TV medium because Judge Dredd now has the space to spread its wings, tell multiple stories, and showcase the true scope of its world and character roster, providing the show is handled correctly.

There's a good chance it will be since the right people are at the helm. Rebellion, which owns the 2000 AD brand, is behind the project, and its head honcho Jason Kingsley - a man who had a creative hand in the movie - has a producer credit.

Rebellion is playing the long game with Mega-City One, with a 2019 release date targeted, which gives the fans plenty of time to discuss the form it should take.


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