Justified: Raylan Givens' 5 Most Badass Moments

Just7 Timothy Olyphant's portrayal or Deputy Marshall Raylan Givens is one of the coolest recent performances to grace television. Acting like a 19th century western lawman in modern times, he prefers the old fashioned ways when it comes to law enforcement. Naturally this leads to some rather badass situations. Justified is set in rural Kentucky and focuses on the attempts to control the rampant crime that goes on off the beaten track. Specifically focusing on Harlan County where Raylan grew up, this leads to some interesting dilemmas as he knows a lot of the people he is tasked with bringing in. This doesn't mean he balks at the task however as apart from his long list of on duty shootings, he is one of the best Marshalls on staff. I've managed to narrow down my top five moments of Raylan Givens being a stone cold badass from the four current seasons of Justified, which was no easy task. People will no doubt have others to add so keep the rest of them coming in the comments section. I have chosen one scenario from each season and picked an overall winner, here we go.
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