Legends Of Tomorrow: 8 Arrowverse Characters Who Should Join The Team

A demonologist. A speedster. An archer. Time for the Legends to start recruiting.


With last night's airing of the midseason finale of Arrow, the entirety of the Arrowverse is now on break for several weeks. Each show has experienced big changes so far this season, but perhaps none have undergone the radical shifts that Legends of Tomorrow has seen in the first half of its third season.

Since kicking off back in January of 2016, the Arrowverse's dumping ground for non-marquee heroes and misfits has definitely come into its own, gifting fans with a goofy, endearing, and charming series that has been no stranger to change. The team roster has undergone tweaks every year, including the departure of Hawkgirl, Hawkman, and Captain Cold at the end of the first season, the addition of Steel and Vixen in season two, the introduction of Zari mere weeks ago, and - most tragically - the death of Martin Stein and subsequent departure of Jax from the team signalling the loss of Firestorm.

The flexible nature of the team's lineup has had fans wondering what other existing characters from across the Arrowverse could join up since the show's inception, and with a void now left in the team and the ever-growing threat of Mallus looming over everyone, now is the perfect time to start looking at new possibilities. From those seeking redemption to those who are simply underused, there are some familiar faces who'd fit right in with the Legends...

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