Legion: 9 Ways It's A Totally Unique Comic Book TV Show

The first TV team-up between Fox and Marvel is unlike any superhero show we've seen before.


Superhero TV is in great health right now, and there are plenty of differences to be found in each series: the fun, comic-y lightness of The Flash and Supergirl; the conflicted darkness of Arrow; the more grounded nature and mature themes of Netflix's Marvel shows.

However, for all their variations, they have recognisable core elements: heroes, powers, crimefighting. Legion, the new TV series that marks the first collaboration between Marvel and Fox (but airing on FX), stands apart from these.

Telling the story of David Haller, a schizophrenic mutant who has been in and out of care all his life (and is, in the comics at least, the son of Charles Xavier), it is unlike anything else we've seen from the comic book realm (and that stretches to non-superhero fare like The Walking Dead and Preacher).

The first episode is stunning, and the quality doesn't dip too much over the next couple of episodes. Noah Hawley, creator of the incredible Fargo TV series, once again proves his genius here, and has delivered a series that is, in many ways (which we'll explore in spoiler-free fashion), a completely unique take on a well-worn genre.

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