Lucifer Quiz: Finish These Devilish Quotes

What do you truly desire?


Tired of the Underworld and unable to get back into Heaven, Lucifer Morningstar made an exclusive location all his own: His LA nightclub, Lux. Arguably a Hell all its own, Los Angeles is home to many monsters - just ones of the human variety.

Comfortably settled in his new hedonistic lifestyle, Lucifer joined the ranks of the LAPD as a civilian consultant. Along with mystical and terrifying abilities, including superhuman speed and reflexes, invulnerability, and shapeshifting (albeit only in two forms), the silver-tongued Satan has delivered some of the best quotes in the history of, well, the world.

Do you truly desire to prove yourself? With burns hotter than Hell, comebacks sharper than any Demon dagger, and comments as eternal as the Devil, himself, can you complete these Lucifer quotes?

Answers at the end!

1. "____________ Aren't My Thing, But I'm Sure We Could Come To An Arrangement."


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