Luke Cage Season 2: What The Ending Means For The Netflix Marvel Universe

6. A Crime A Dozen

Luke Cage Nigel

As mentioned earlier, Luke sees himself as the sheriff of Harlem, even though some of his closest friends perceive him to be more of a crime boss.

Luke's new position in Harlem could go two ways: reduce crime in the area, through his negotiation and intimidation of the two remaining crime families, or his position may require him to later take more extreme measures (in order to keep the so-called peace) possibly creating a warzone deadlier than the one left in the wake of Mariah Stokes' arrest (especially if The Punisher decides to do some spring cleaning). Setting Luke up as a crime boss may also be a great way of re-introducing Diamondback, potentially flipping the story of the first season on its head.

Either way, the criminal route would certainly be a new (and intriguing) direction for any version of the character, especially seeing as Mike Colter's portrayal of Luke is one of the most morally good aspects of the Marvel/Netflix universe, second only to the likes of Claire Temple.

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