Maniac: 4 Ups And 3 Downs From Netflix’s Latest Original Series' Trailer

3. It Has An Intriguing Premise


Set primarily in a medical facility, Maniac’s trailer certainly intrigues the viewer and leaves them wanting to find out more about this mysterious trial and the effects it’ll have on the show’s two main characters.

It is clear that they are set to receive the, as-of-yet unknown, treatment but their reasons for doing so remain unclear. These reasons look set to form a large part of the show’s plot and giving the characters a rich backstory will be sure to add emotional depth to the show.

In addition to this, there is still much mystery surrounding Theroux’s creepy Dr. Mantleray and his exact motivation for conducting the study. The trailer highlights the dangers that the participants are in and along with it Mantleray’s disregard for their safety, it will be interesting to learn what kind of vested interest he has in the trial's success.

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