Marvel's Iron Fist: 10 Reasons To Be Excited

Defenders: Assembled!


We are now just a month away from the debut of Iron Fist, the latest Marvel TV show to land on Netflix. Since Daredevil's first season arrived on the streaming service back in April 2015, the subsequent collaborations of these two pop culture giants - Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Daredevil season two - have been must-watch events for any fan of superhero TV (or just great TV, in general).

Just as Marvel practically can't put a foot wrong in the movies, the House of Ideas' output on Netflix has also been met with huge popularity and critical acclaim. Even though the shows have a very different tone from the overtly comic book-y adventures of Iron Man and Thor, Marvel's Netflixverse has just as high a success rate with its characters, stories and action as its big-screen counterpart.

Joining their ranks on March 17th, Iron Fist looks to be yet another smash hit, if the footage we have seen so far is anything to go by. And there's significant cause to be excited...

10. The Strong Source Material


First things first, Iron Fist is a great character with a rich comic book history. And actually, in terms of The Defenders, he is probably second only to Daredevil in having the strongest source material to mine from.

Originally created to cash in on the kung-fu craze of the early 1970s, Iron Fist is - simply put - a martial arts expert who has the mystical ability to channel his 'chi' into his fist. Hence the name Iron Fist. The title - and the power that goes with it - is a mantle passed down through the generations and is given to the appointed protector of the mystical eastern city of K'un-L'un.

New Yorker Danny Rand was on a trip to Tibet with his family when he was a boy. Sadly, his parents died and he was taken in by the people of K'un-L'un and eventually became the Iron Fist. As an adult, Danny returns to NYC to run his father's multi-million business, Rand Industries.

There are elements of more familiar heroes like Batman and Green Arrow to Iron Fist's story, but he has a expansive mythology around him that should make for an amazing TV show.

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