Marvel's Jessica Jones Season 2: What Does The Ending Really Mean?

Mummy issues are nothing...


It might not have been the universally adored event that Netflix probably hoped after the disappointment of Iron Fist (and the lesser success of The Defenders), but Jessica Jones' second season certainly had its moments. Sure, they were balanced with some frankly terrible writing at times and there was the usual mid-season sag, but there were good ideas explored and some great episodes (particularly at the end).

In short, there's more than enough in there to warrant a third season - assuming Disney's forthcoming streaming service won't scupper those chances - which will see the ramifications of this season's finale play out. And while we probably won't see too much more of Jessica's past (this is not a bad thing), her future is now just as interesting, given how the season ends.

Of course, this isn't just Jessica's show, and the ending saw new jobs, new companies and strange new alliances, while there was also a huge hint that we're going to see another Marvel comic book hero appearing in the Netflix shows. Whether she'll be anything like her comic book counterpart remains to be seen of course, but this strange world could do with a little more action in it.

There was death, betrayal and devastation and there will almost certainly be massive shockwaves. Here's what it all means...

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