Marvel's Runaways Premiere: 7 Ups & 1 Down From The First Three Episodes

1. It's In The MCU, But Stands On Its Own


In the end, the thing that makes Marvel's Runaways so special is that while it is technically a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it's almost one-hundred percent a standalone story, which definitely sets it apart from most of its TV MCU peers.

Not even The Punisher, which itself deliberately took a step back from the MCU, achieved this much of a unique identity.

In fact, the only reason Runaways takes place in the MCU is so the showrunners could work with a world where superpowers and sci-fi technology are already present, so they wouldn't have to waste time establishing that such things exist.

Past that, however, Runaways is very self-contained. In turn, it's able to come right out of the gate telling us its story. Plus, as previously stated, the story it has to tell is a very interesting one, full of drama, comedy, and superhero-esque action.

So, not only is this a fantastic show and a much-welcomed addition to Marvel's lineup, complete with all the fun fans of the MCU have come to expect, but it isn't restricted by the universe's status quo. It's free to do its own thing, which is an incredibly nice change of pace.

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