Marvel's The Defenders: 23 Easter Eggs You Probably Missed

5. Misty's Arm

Misty Knight Arm

During the climactic battles, Misty, Colleen and Claire take on the very-much-not-dead Bakuto with Misty very much coming off the worst of the heroes before Colleen removes the Finger of his head rather gruesomely. She has her arm chopped off - following the MCU's fascination with Star Wars-like arm removals - and reacts a little like she's just had a paper cut. She is double hard after all.

The removal of her arm fits in with the character's comic book backstory: on the page Knight lost an arm following a bomb attack and she was fitted with a bionic arm that gave her superhuman strength by Tony Stark.

It seems we'll get to see her arm next time she appears as Claire mentions a bionic solution.

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