Marvel's The Defenders: 23 Easter Eggs You Probably Missed

2. "Get Maggie"

Daredevil Sister Maggie

At the very end of the final episode, after Matt Murdock has supposedly sacrificed himself to save the world, it is revealed - surprise surprise - that he's not actually dead, just like no comic book movie or TV show character ever really is.

His unconscious body is revealed to be under the care of some nuns (and remarkably un-blemished by injury). Interestingly, as he's revealed, one of the nuns tells another to "get Maggie".

That should have been music to Daredevil fans' ears, as Sister Maggie is Matt's mother in the comics, hinting that we're going to see the seminal "Born Again" storyline in season 3, in which she nurses him back to health.

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