Marvel's The Defenders: Ranking Every Major Character From Worst To Best

There's no defending some of these wasted characters.

The Defenders

The greatest challenge Marvel's The Defenders faced was having to mesh together the four heroes who make up the street-wise superhero team, with each of them getting a fair crack at the whip. More than that, though, each of the group was also bringing the supporting characters from their own show with them. Once you include all the antagonists as well, The Defenders had an extensive cast list that would make even Avengers: Infinity War directors the Russo brothers nervous.

Naturally, in the end, some characters fared better than others. While Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist led the show fairly equally, the supporting cast was all over the place, with some feeling key to the narrative while others were totally superfluous. The same goes for the villains of the piece, the various members of evil ninja clan the Hand, who struggled to steal screentime away from the heroes.

Counting only those that appeared in at least half of the series' eight episodes (so sorry to one-and-done stars like Jeri Hogarth, Turk Barrett and Marci Stahl), there are 18 major characters in The Defenders. Let's take a look at those that need no defense, and those that cannot be defended.


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