Marvel's The Punisher Spoiler-Free Review

1. Jon Bernthal Is One Of Marvel's Best Leads

the punisher

Ever since his days on The Walking Dead, Jon Bernthal has been stealing scenes are carving out a reputation as an actor capable of delivering performances full of raging aggression. That much is clear when he took on the role of Frank Castle in Daredevil, and it's even more apparent here.

Bernthal brings a huge amount of intensity to the role, and once again shines in the scenes where Frank's anger is unleashed in fierce, guttural roars and vicious assaults. He's completely believable as a take on the force-of-nature killing machine that the Punisher is supposed to be, confirming that this is the definitive live-action take on the character.

And yet Bernthal also shows a different side to Frank as well. This one is in keeping with the actor Bernthal is rarely allowed to be when put in these menacing roles: it's still intense, but in a quieter way, with a thoughtful intelligence behind the seething, bubbling anger. Frank is a true killer, make no mistake, but Bernthal also finds ways of bringing new depths to him, opening him up to reveal a startling amount of vulnerability and humanity, and confirming himself as one of the best lead actors Marvel has on a screen of any size.

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