Marvel's The Punisher: 31 Easter Eggs & References You Need To See

30. Pete Castiglioni

The Punisher Netflix Pete Castiglione Marvel Jon Bernthal

In the first episode, it's revealed that Frank is in hiding having changed his name to Pete Castiglione and taken on construction work (partly to help channel his rage positively).

It's not the most incognito name ever, given that anyone with a passing knowledge of the Punisher's history will recognise Castiglione as Castle's family name (in pre-Americanized form), which was revealed in The Punisher: Circle of Blood #1 in 1985.

It was also a big part of 1990's The Punisher: War Journal by Mike Baron and Mark Texeira, which featured the story "The Sicilian Saga" in which Frank hides out in Sicily after killing the son of a corrupt politician (the same Senator Stan Ori who appears in the show).

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