Marvel's The Punisher: Ranking Every Major Character From Worst To Best

10. Bill Rawlins


In contrast to the usually underwhelming villains of the MCU, Marvel's Netflixverse has spoiled us with one amazing adversary after the other. Daredevil had Wilson Fisk, Jessica Jones had Kilgrave, Luke Cage had Cottonmouth, Iron Fist had... Well, let's forget Iron Fist.

Unfortunately, while there is a great villain in The Punisher (more on that later), the big bad of the season is a bit of a let-down. Top CIA boss Bill Rawlins AKA Agent Orange might be at the top of Frank Castle's hitlist but he's a pretty two-dimensional antagonist, especially when compared with the rest of the well-rounded cast.

This isn't any fault of Paul Schulze, though, who does the best with what he is given and plays Rawlins in a suitably detestable and psychotic manner. In many ways, it's a shame that the series decided to rehash the whole 'conspiracy from Frank's past' thing that already took up too much time in Daredevil season 2.

As such, Rawlins suffered as a character by being the face of this plotline.


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