Mayans MC: 6 Sons Of Anarchy Characters That Should Appear (And 5 That Shouldn’t)

11. Should: Tyne Patterson


Right off the hop, there is an obvious reason to bring Tyne Patterson to Mayans MC: the actor that plays her, CCH Pounder, tends to make everything she appears in better.

That aside, Patterson is a marvelous example of the kind of character that shows like these need in terms of law enforcement. After all, she rightfully had the Sons in her crosshairs but at the same time, she wasn’t erratic or overzealous either.

A show that needs to strike the proper balance, people tune into a series like this one in order to see the new crew doing their often illegal thing. Considering the many misdeeds we are bound to see in each episode, it would make no sense at all if there isn’t a character like District Attorney Tyne Patterson trying to take them down. However, virtually nobody wants to see the cops go hog wild on the main characters so the way she treats outlaws like flawed human beings hits the mark.


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