Netflix: 10 Original Horror Series To Binge This Halloween

10. Castlevania


The shortest entry on this list, and unequivocally the best video game adaptation ever put to Western screens, Castlevania is an adult animated series based on the famous video game that doesn't shirk on its dark content, while finding the balance between its gritty, gory subject matter and hilarious and natural sense of humour. The story, while grim, is never too self-serious, oft compared to a fun game of D&D while also being a masterpiece of bloody, horror-tinged, action-packed fantasy storytelling.

With Warren Ellis's genre-smart, slick, and utterly enjoyable writing, converted from an old set of film scripts to an animated series helmed by producer Adi Shankar, and with the amazing anime-esque style of Powerhouse Animation, this series is a must-watch, more so for its unfortunate shortness (though with the quality of work done, it's hard to complain about anything else about the show).

With characters that are complex, compelling, and often hilarious, and a story that is as emotionally fraught as it is exciting, and horrifying visuals that could only be animated to be tolerated by the average human stomach, the series is the perfect animated Halloween binge, with hopefully more to add to its currently 12-episode, 2-season run.


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