Netflix: 10 Upcoming Titles To Be Excited About From SWNAsia

An Asian wave is coming to your favourite streaming service.


Some exciting news has come out of the See What's Next Asia 2018 event, which is taking place in Marina Bay Sands in Singapore.

With previews, activities, press conferences, and announcements of new titles, audiences all over the world are ready for Netflix's new slate of original content, both live action and animated, with more anime coming to grace the still-flourishing streaming service.

From trailers of long-awaited productions and the official green-lighting of shows for the 2019 and 2020 slates, Netflix has a bright future ahead of it, with content from parts of the world that have yet to reach a North American audience.

10. Shimmers

Five Star Production

One of two Thai title announcements to shake up the industry, Shimmers is a purported eco-thriller that follows five teens in an isolated school in Northern Thailand, who, over their school break, are haunted by ghosts of their pasts, with much more sinister forces at work to prey on them and their fears.

This drama series will be directed by Wisit Sasanatieng and Sittisiri Mongkolsiri, the former known for his atmospheric, low-budget horror film The Unseeable, among other works, and the latter known for his work on another Thai horror film, Last Summer.

Though not strictly described as a horror series, with Thai horror talent at the helm and the premise promising the presence of phantasms and emphasising the isolation of its protagonists, this series is sure to chill audiences to the bone when it comes out.

Like The Stranded, another newly announced series with its own strange mysteries, it's yet to release a cast list or any promotional images, but that doesn't stop audiences - especially Asian audiences - from getting excited for its eventual arrival.

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