Netflix's Big Mouth Review: 5 Ups & 1 Down

Who knew growing up could be so monstrous?

Big Mouth Monster

Netflix's new animated series, Big Mouth, is about a group of 12-13 year olds from Bridgeton Middle School. As they start to hit puberty, their lives are changed by the appearance of sex-hungry, egotistical monsters that guide their hands (and reproductive organs) through this difficult time. As defined by their sexual potential, the teenagers are taken care of by different creatures on a spectrum of monstrosity - some rather normal, by monster standards, while others can barely talk and have stumps.

The ten-episode first season is a funny and creative look at a very complicated and rather serious process. As their hormones start to take over, the kids behave more and more stranger, even to themselves. They want to have sex, fall in love and learn how to kiss, even though just a while earlier they didn't feel such urges.

The series is created by the experienced quartet of Nick Kroll, Andrew Goldberg, Mark Levin and Jennifer Flackett, who have worked on such shows as Family Guy, Wonder Years and The Kroll Show. Fans of these shows probably know what they're getting and they shouldn't be disappointed with Big Mouth. To be honest, no one should, as it's a show that rather exceeds expectations.

But it's not entirely flawless. Let's look at the positives first...


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