Netflix's Black Mirror Goes Back To The 80s In First Look At Season 3

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Black Mirror Season 3 San Junipero Gugu Mbatha Raw And Mackenzie Davis

Following on from last month's slightly surprising announcement that we'd be getting new episodes of Black Mirror in October (which was a bit earlier than expected), we've now got the first look at the upcoming Season 3, revealed by Charlie Brooker himself.

The images come from two different episodes, San Junipero (episode 1) and Nosedive (episode 3). The images from the former are above and directly below. Showing off stars Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Mackenzie Davis, the stills don't look like what you'd expect from Black Mirror, with the show seemingly travelling back to the 1980s for this instalment. With Stranger Things proving such a hit it's clearly the in-decade right now, but being Black Mirror there's obviously going to a bit more than meets the eye. The episode will be directed by Owen Harris, who helmed Season 2's Be Right Back.

Black Mirror Season 3 San Junipero Mackenzie Davis

Next up we've got the images from Nosedive, and its star Bryce Dallas Howard. This is more recognisably Black Mirror, since it features a woman on her phone, with technology often playing a big part in the series. What are the odds they're all playing Pokémon GO in that second photo? The script for this one comes from Parks & Rec. pair Rashida Jones and Mike Schur, with Joe Wright directing.

Black Mirror Season 3 Nosedive Bryce Dallas Howard 1
Black Mirror Season 3 Nosedive Bryce Dallas Howard 2

Black Mirror Season 3 will arrive on Netflix from October 21.

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