Netflix Renew GLOW For A Second Season

Zoya The Destroya and pals are coming back...

GLOW Live Studio Audience

Netflix have confirmed that GLOW will return for a second season after the first was met with much enthusiasm and high viewership.

The show dramatised the story of David McLane's campy 'Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling' promotion from the 1980's, and was created by Kenji Kohan, who also produced the popular Orange Is The New Black series for Netflix.

The show has been cleared for a second run of 10 episodes, meaning more over-the-top characters like 'Zoya The Destroya', 'The Welfare Queen' (played by ex-WWE star Kia Stevens) and Marc Maron's cynical portrayal of director Sam Sylvia.

Alongside glowing praise on Rotten Tomatoes, GLOW also has a 4-star Meta Critic rating and received a 93% thumbs up score on Google.

The story did seem to peak towards the end of the first season, but there's enough melodrama there between all the characters to keep some stories ticking along. There's also the chance we may see some new faces to help keep things fresh, but it's expected the series will feature much the same cast.

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