New Blood Arrives In First Trailer For Orange Is The New Black Season 4

Some will fight. Others will fall.

Orange is the new black Piper

Get ready to return to Litchfield. We're now just over a month away from the start of Season 4 of Netflix's prison drama, and now we've got the first trailer to give us a glimpse of just what we can expect.

The third season set things up for this to be one of the most conflict-driven seasons of the show yet, with the arrival of a new batch of inmates and a big change in management, and both of those feature prominently in the trailer.

We have the confirmation that the prison is now run as a for-profit organisation, while 100 prisoners have made their way into Litchfield, along with a few new guards as well.

Things don't look particularly good for the key characters, with Morello having a tearful breakdown on the phone, Crazy Eyes in a hospital bed, Pensatucky looking in a lot of pain, and Piper being threatened.

It's not all drama, of course, with the show continuing to show its wonderful comedic side as well, most notably in the scene with Taystee as the new secretary.

It's a great tease for the new season, building excitement along with a hell of a lot of tension, without giving too much away. Check out the trailer below, and then let us know what you think in the comments.

Orange is the New Black Season 4 arrives on Netflix on June 17.

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