New Girl: 12 Hidden Details You Might Have Missed

There's one bizarre reference running through every single episode...


If New Girl doesn't make you smile, you are lacking a soul. The show has entered the fifth season with a spring in its step and life is simply better with a 20-minute dose of the show each week.

Zooey Deschanel's absence from this season is obviously a blow, but the rest of the cast have stepped up and Megan Fox (did ANYBODY see that coming before it was announced?!) has proven to be worthy stand-in.

While the world wastes time labelling The Big Bang Theory as a comedy, New Girl happily bounces along charming us with offerings of Nick, Schmidt, Cece, and Winston. But there's often far more to the show than meets the eye. Here are some hidden details you've probably missed...

12. Deschanel's Baby Easter Egg


Starting with the most recent detail, Season 5 has already made reference to Zooey Deschanel's new baby. The beginning of Episode 4 sees the group watching TV for updates on the trial Jess is working on, complete with a court sketch of her asking questions from the jury stand.

The news anchor moves onto the next subject, from cold blooded murder to the birth of a cute baby otter. It just so happens that Zooey Deschanel named her child Elsie Otter. It's a subtle moment but it certainly doesn't appear to be an accident. Will we ever see little Jess Day otters in the show though?

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