New Jessica Jones And Daredevil Unlikely To Air Until 2018, Punisher Might Appear In Defenders


Jessica Jones Punisher Daredevil

Netflix has some good news (maybe) and some bad news (probably) about your favourite Marvel characters.

While excitement is building ahead of Luke Cage airing in September, and the first tantalising teasers for Iron Fist and Defenders getting everyone talking about those, it seems pretty likely we're going to have to wait a while to see more of the other Netflix series, Daredevil and Jessica Jones.

Although both are confirmed for a third and second season respectively, Netflix's Ted Sarandos stated during the TCA tour that we'd get Cage, Fist, Defenders, and then the other two along with the Punisher series, which means it's unlikely we'll get any of those latter three until at least 2018.

t's maybe not that much of a surprise given how many shows they're making, but it's a long time to wait between individual seasons, especially when each show has its own fanbase and various plot threads. Jessica Jones was reported to be filming back-to-back with Defenders, so it may be we get that one first in 2018, and then either Daredevil S3 or The Punisher.

Speaking of Frank Castle, there was some better news on that front in terms of when we might next see him, as Sarandos responded "stay tuned" when asked whether Jon Bernthal will be appearing in the Defenders.

Let's just take that as a yes, shall we?

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