Once Upon A Time Season 3: 4 Questions Raised (And Their Possible Answers)

The Season 2 finale of Once Upon a Time was just as polarizing as the Season 1 finale. For those…

Katie Gill


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The Season 2 finale of Once Upon a Time was just as polarizing as the Season 1 finale. For those of you who missed the finale (spoilers start here so turn away now!), the season ended with Greg and Tamara kidnapping Henry and taking him to Neverland, with Emma, the Charmings, Rumple, Regina and Hook all chasing after them on an epic quest to get Henry back via Hook’s ship.

Say what you will about the finale, but it certainly raised multiple questions. So, here’s a small spoiler and speculation roundup of four of the most burning questions raised by the finale.

4. What’s Up With Greg and Tamara?

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The Season 2 finale left any questions about Greg and Tamara relatively unanswered. Who are they working for? How did they get that fancy magic taser? How did they find out about the trigger? Personally, I think it will be a real shame if it isn’t revealed that Greg and Tamara are being played by whatever the Big Bad is-especially since they used a magical means to go to a magical land, despite their strong anti-magic bent the entire season. Aside from that, hopefully Season 3 will have a Tamara-centric episode, where we finally get a clear bead on her motivation.

We know why Greg hates magic (daddy issues and being dumb as a rock), but exactly why is Tamara so evil? Thankfully, at least one of these questions will get some answers: the showrunners have confirmed that we will see how Greg and Tamara met sometime during Season 3. And, especially considering how Season 2 ended, it’ll be a damn shame if we don’t get more of Greg and Tamara being gleefully morally gray and killing things with tasers.