Orange Is The New Black Season 4: 9 Reasons To Be Excited

Get ready to return to Litchfield.


Given Netflix's recent successes with Marvel properties, it can be easy to overlook their original series that put them on the map.

Orange is the New Black is one of the shows that helped start it all, arriving in the summer of 2013 not long after House of Cards, and it remains not just a major success story for the streaming service, but also one of their very best shows.

The series examines life in prison with an eye few other shows would do; it showcases just how difficult it can be, what these people go through, what they do to survive, the relationships they build and destroy, and also their lives before they got there. That it does this with an incredibly talented cast of diverse women is the icing on the cake. It's dark, violent, and also really funny; few shows can make you wince, cry, and laugh, but this can do all three in the same episode.

The show has only gotten stronger since expanding its viewpoint beyond Piper Chapman, and Series 3 left things in a very interesting place. Things were changing at the prison, both in how it's run and an influx of inmates. It means that Season 4 (which is just around the corner) already has some great building blocks in place, and can take the show even further, and as it gets ever more confident, it could well be the best season yet.


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