Orange Is The New Black Season 5: 14 Biggest WTF Moments

Hot Cheetos and Takis for everyone!


Orange is the New Black is one of the best, if not the best, shows streaming on Netflix. It might not be the most realistic depiction of prison life, following more the convention of a high school drama, but that's what makes the series so unique - it gives its characters freedom to develop and grow on the viewers.

With the prison riot inverting the established order, it was obvious that the fifth season would contain some of the craziest events in series' history. The show didn't disappoint in that regard.

To be honest, it didn't disappoint, period.

When inmates take over a prison a lot of crazy stuff is bound to happen, whether it be out of revenge, boredom or frustration. And when those inmates are Litchfield's, you know things are about to get really insane.

As you can probably guess, the list contains major spoilers.

14. The Opening Shot


The last season finished with Daya pointing a gun at the sociopath guard. He brought the gun to the prison despite regulations preventing him from doing so. Now Humphreys is about to pay for his actions. Other inmates cheer the woman on, as they've called for suspending the man in the past.

Daya clumsily shoots the guard in his leg. This perfectly sums up the randomness of the situation. Any other inmate could've got the gun and any other would've probably done the same thing. Given the chance to hurt the sociopath and get revenge for all the inmates, Daya does what she feels right. The action might not be smart, but it's just.


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