Preacher Season 3: 3 Ups & 1 Down From 'The Tom/Brady'

2. The Humour

Preacher Episode 308 Tulip Negga 935

Preacher's unique blend of comedy and drama is not only one the series' best features, it's also one of its defining attributes. There's plenty of humour in The Tom/Brady, and it's there from the beginning. In spite of the intense and dramatic conclusion of the previous episode, the show manages to deliver a chaotic and hilarious opener, as Jesse brawls with Grail operatives in an elevator. And it's not just the opening that has us all laughing, as the humour throughout is spectacular - specifically in regards to the relationship between Featherstone and Tulip.

The two women really hate each other, which spurs each one of them to outdo the other, creating some comedy gold moments. The two womens' attempt at a sexual harassment seminar is a particular standout, and bringing Marie L'Angelle's bodyguard Jody into the mix made it even better.

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