QUIZ: Can You Remember All These TV Show Firsts?

Television has a lot of "firsts" involved in its history. Can you identify some of TV's first?


Television has been the main medium of our existences for what appears to be an eternity. It has shaped, reported, reflected, and given us steady entertainment in our daily lives. It has been a stable mainstay influence in American pop culture not to mention worldwide.

Naturally, television's long-lasting existence for many decades of viewing has produced revolutionary "firsts" in broadcasting history. There are countless baby steps that TV has undergone to encourage its expansion of growth, relevance, and importance. Progression has and always will be the main ingredient in television's impact on fortifying societal expectations.

In exploring the aspects of TV's firsts, we will discover the many developments that were considered ground-breaking or merely significant in its trivial delightfulness. It is always a noteworthy footnote to identify the first trends that invaded the boob tube in an effort to make the television experience more appealing and inclusive.

So the question remains: what were some of TV's "firsts" that you can recall or are familiar with at large?

1. Who Was The First Actor To Play The Same TV Character Continuously For 20 Years On American TV?


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