QUIZ: How Well Do You Know These 15 TV Spies & Secret Agents?

Time to find the intriguing facts behind some of television's spies and agents.


The concept of spies and secret agents in television and movies have always been reliable staples of entertainment for the audience. The element of the suave James Bond wannabes on the small screen chasing gorgeous women, outwitting the larger-than-life baddies and prancing around the world in jet-setting fashion invites facets of excitement and curiosity. Also, equally as capable are the female agents/spies that are alluring, cunning and can carry their weight in worth as well.

The depiction of television spies and agents--both dramatic and comedic--have inspired many TV shows in this genre to flourish and remain favorites many years after their espionage days expired. Sadly, some TV secret agents and spies are more memorable than others. Nevertheless, the men and women of mystery and danger will continue to represent the adventurous realm of action and suspense on TV screens worldwide.

The evolution of the secret agent on television has come a long way since the days of the swinging 1960's when saving the world from opportunist degenerates were all the rage. The technology has advanced and the villains are more sophisticated and cynical. Still, the spy game remains the same.

1. Who Was The IMF Leader Before Jim Phelps Took Over In Mission: Impossible?

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