QUIZ: How Well Do You Know These TV Wiseguys And Weasels

Let's see how familiar you are with these TV troublemakers.


It is always a given when television viewers automatically embrace their TV characters that are heroic, loyal, sympathetic or intelligent. But sometimes the audience obtains a craving by gravitating to the not-so-virtuous TV characters. After all, these unflattering fictional personalities add color and conflict to the show. As much as it is dignified championing a positive TV character the thrill of appreciating a flawed one is something worth considering as well.

One would not always equate a "bad" TV character as completely villainous. There are different degrees of naughty-minded baddies that range from despicable to merely dismissive. However, the TV characters featured here are of the weasel and wiseguy variety. You know...the type of gently obnoxious folks that get under your skin? They have their quirks and idiosyncrasies about them but never to the point of malice...at least some of them anyway.

Whether it be tyrannical bosses, bratty little sisters, or phony friends, these TV weasels and wiseguys have given us something to smirk about in all their calculating glory. So let's see if you can guess some trivial things about these treasured TV troublemakers

1. On M*A*S*H, What Was The Name Of The Insufferable Major Frank Burns’s Wife Back Home In Indiana?


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