Quiz: How Well Do You Remember Futurama?

Remember this futuristic cartoon comedy? Take the quiz, and show your knowledge.


Despite already creating one phenomenally successful animated show in the shape of The Simpsons, Matt Groening wasn't done. Casting his eyes to the future, the animation guru introduced the world to Philip J Fry, the unfortunate pizza delivery boy whose life is turned upside down when he's accidentally frozen and wakes up in the distant future.

Surrounded by a ragtag crew led by a cyclops, a Rastafarian bureaucracy-obsessed accountant, an inept crustacean alien doctor, his distant relative (who happens to be a mad professor), a pampered princess and a psychotic bending robot, Fry finds his way in a brave new world. Well, he tries, anyway.

Praised for some of Groening's most emotional story-telling and the home of some of his most outrageous characters, Futurama lit up screens for years until it ended (after a couple of revivals) in 2013 (bar one audio-only episode aired in 2017). It is still sadly missed, but how much do you remember about the show?

Answers at the end!

1. What Year Did The Show First Air?

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